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Sang'gre Danaya of Lireo was the sixth Hara of Lireo. She is the youngest daughter of Queen Minea of Lireo and Enuo. She is also the keeper of the Earth Gem.

Although she was the youngest of Minea's children, Danaya believed that she was worthy of the Lirean throne as much as her elder sisters. But she readily accepted the victory of her elder sister Amihan in the succession contest, and never wavered in her loyalty to Amihan, unlike her other sisters. Perhaps because of this, she was chosen by Amihan as her successor to the throne.

After a long, peaceful reign, Danaya saw the reemergence of Etheria and Hagorn under the leadership of Bathalumang Ether. Danaya eventually oversaw the defeat of Etheria, Hagorn, and Ether, after which she abdicated the throne in favor of her elder sister, Alena.

She is the main love interest of former Mashna Aquil of Lireo. She later marries Aquil and they had a daughter.

Danaya is the only known person to have undergone gem fusion twice, the first with LilaSari, and the second with Pirena and Alena.


Since her childhood, Danaya had been wearing brown attire, a color associated with Sapiro and the Earth Gem.

Upon her accession as the new Hara of Lireo, Danaya wears a long green-brown dress adorned with designs affiliated with mother nature. She later wears her mother Hara Minea's outfit.


"Lalaban ka ba para sa paniniwala?"
[Will you fight for what you believe in?]
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The youngest of Minea's four daughters, Danaya is brash and headstrong, thus prone to mischief and petty arguments, typically with Pirena and Lira. Steadfast as the earth, Danaya is an absolute follower of Lireo's laws and rarely shows her vulnerable side. It is not easy to earn her trust, especially for those who had already lost it.

Danaya could also be haughty, which sometimes leads her to make poor choices. She is too proud to admit that there are things which cannot be done, or those which she would not be able to do.

Danaya is loyal to the Queen of Lireo that even if she disagrees with her decisions, she will follow it despite her own hesitations[2], This is apparent after Amihan declared she will sacrifice herself for the sake of Encantadia and told her not to say this to anyone - even to her own daughter, Lira.

Despite being tough, she has deep compassion with her family - especially to her niece, Lira. She also attempts to suppress her romantic feelings for Aquil, where she fails miserably because almost everyone is aware of her feelings for him; she was not able to suppress it anymore when Aquil wished that Emre will take him first[3].

Danaya can be envious, especially when she sees Alira Naswen flirting with Aquil.

Avria revealed that Danaya sometimes pretends to be brave in situations. She still longs for her elder sister, Hara Amihan, and to her lover, Aquil[4]. She was left heart-broken after Aquil left her for so many years and pleaded him to stay in Lireo and never leave her again[5].


Princess of Lireo

Danaya was daughter of Queen Minea of Lireo and a Sapiryan named Enuo, who saved her elder half-sister Amihan from death. She and her elder full sister Alena were born sometime after Prince Raquim and Amihan went to the human world.

Though the youngest of the four siblings, Danaya believed that she could rule Lireo just as well. She manages to disarm her opponent in the contest for the succession to the throne, but gets defeated when she tries to get the key in the opponent's necklace. She accepted the victory of her sister Amihan, who became queen. Following the theft of the Fire Gem by her sister Pirena, Danaya was granted the Earth Gem for safekeeping.

Danaya joins the battle against Hathoria. Danaya gets angry when Aquil speaks with Alira Naswen during the battle.

Danaya was sent with Muros to threaten King Hagorn with the destruction of Hathoria or peace. Hagorn chooses peace.

Protection of Lira

On a conversation with Alena and Amihan, Danaya wonders whether the father of Amihan's baby would be as manly as Aquil, to the amusement of Alena. When she learned that Alena had fallen for a mandirigma, she tells her to respect their mother's wish and obey the diwata law.

Danaya grieved with Alena when they heard of their mother's death. As she had to be strong for Alena, she composed herself. Aquil approached her and told her he would be there for her.

When Amihan's daughter Lira was born, Danaya sat beside her sister and complimented her niece.

When Pirena returned to Lireo, Danaya said the law demanded the execution of traitors. Amihan said the law also allowed the queen to pardon traitors. Amihan told Danaya that if she refused to forgive Pirena, she should execute her herself, and was given a sword. Danaya raises the sword to execute Pirena, but Alena intercedes. Amihan definitively granted her pardon to Pirena, and asked Danaya to accept her decision.

Aquil praises Danaya's resolve, but counsels her to use her heart also. Danaya says Pirena is unworthy of forgiveness, for she is a traitor.

Danaya was in Lira's room when Alena and Muyak came to mollify her. Danaya said that she could not do anything if they believed in Pirena's change of heart, but she herself is not convinced. Invoking the powers of the Earth Gem she placed a protection upon Lira. Alena gives Lira her own blessing from the Water Gem. Danaya said she is now relieved that nothing bad would happen to their niece, the heiress of Lireo.


Danaya asked Banak and Nakba to accompany her. While there she felt the presence of Adhara, though she did not know her or see her. Adhara, recognizing her as Minea's daughter, sought to kill her, but she could not touch her because she lacked physical form. Danaya was extremely annoyed by Adhara's announced intent to kill her.

With Banak and Nakba, Danaya went to the border with Hathoria. She defeats the Hathor soldiers and asks Agane to come out. Agane does so, and asks why she is disturbing the peace. Danaya replies that she had broken the peace by attempting to kill the queen and killing the queen mother. Agane says she is not involved in Minea's murder, for the diwatas have other enemies.

Later, Danaya overheard Pirena "taking care of an obstacle" (she had left Lira in the human world). When she asked Pirena to explain herself, Pirena refused, saying she had no such obligation. Danaya, however, said she does, for she had not yet earned their trust. Amihan arrives and Pirena makes up some lie to explain what she had said.

When Amihan asked Danaya what she had uncovered as to who killed Minea, Danaya said she believed in Agane that it was not the Hathors who did it. When she hints that it may be Pirena, Pirena was annoyed and defends herself. The confrontation was broken by the arrival of Alena, who was heartbroken from her break up with Ybarro.


Danaya, Alena, Imaw and other soldiers were walking on a field when Danaya felt the presence of a great beast. A dragon attacked them with fire. Alena protects them with a water barrier, but it was Hitano who sent the dragon away with a spear. Danaya thanked Hitano. She tells Alena that it was piteous that she kept rejecting Hitano. Danaya asks if this is because of Ybarro. Alena tells her not to speak his name again, or she'd be angry. Danaya gets angry at Ybarro for ruining Alena's disposition.

Danaya accompanied Amihan in a skirmish against bandits. Danaya tells them to show respect to the Queen of Lireo, but the bandit's leader replies that they recognize no queen or Sang'gre. Amihan takes on the leader while Danaya takes on the other two. Amihan thanks Danaya for helping her. Danaya said she will never leave her, while Amihan says Danaya can expect that she will never lose her trust.

Danaya greeted her niece Mira during her birthday. She asked Pirena to give her a turn in greeting her niece.

Amihan, Danaya, Aquil and some soldiers leave the palace to fight off some Hathor attacks. Danaya complained that they should have teleported so they could get at their destination faster, but Amihan said they should walk so they can see for themselves the state Encantadia is in. Danaya was forewarned by the bugs of a Hathor attack. Aquil assists Danaya, who said she did not need his help. Aquil then saves her from an attack where she would have been completely defenseless. She did not reply to Aquil's taunt about her not needing his help, saying instead that she had to heal the soldiers. When she noticed and learned why Amihan was distressed, Danaya assured her that ghosts were harmless in Encantadia.

In a potential conflict between mandirigmas and animals, Danaya opposed Alena's scheme of supporting the mandirigmas. She said it should be the animals who should be protected, as they could not protect themselves. The queen sides with Alena, but Aquil sided with Danaya and proposed a scheme that would save both. Danaya was impressed and later thanks Aquil. Aquil said he also liked the animals.

In a training of their elemental powers, she teamed up with Alena against Pirena. Pirena taunts them, so they combined their powers against her and attacked simultaneously. Still, Pirena was able to match their power. Amihan broke off the match and informed Alena of Ybarro's death. The sisters consoled her.

Friction with Mira

Danaya, Alena and Pirena return to Lireo after being away for some time. Danaya said it was worrisome that the Hathors have been idle for too long. Mira said that her aunt is always thinking negatively, annoying Danaya.

Danaya was present in the queen's small council meeting. On the numerous reports of missing Encantados, Danaya was quick to suspect the Hathors. Pirena however, says the Hathors have been pacified.

Before dawn, Danaya trains Mira in arms. Danaya notices her lack of energy and sleepiness, so she assumes Mira did not train herself while they were away. Mira excused herself, saying it was too early and she lacked sleep. Danaya tells her their enemies would have no consideration for her, and doubts if Mira would ever be prepared to become queen. Mira was annoyed and walks out. Danaya tells Aquil that Mira needs to be strong and able to take criticism, qualities she would not acquire if they always tolerate and mollify her. Aquil nods.

Amihan's Last Will

Before Amihan's death, she gave to Danaya a scroll containing her will and pronounced an incantation that at the moment of her death, the Air Gem will be possessed by Danaya. After Amihan was killed by Hagorn, the Air Gem indeed submitted itself to Danaya. Danaya read the scroll while the diwatas were in exile and she read the proclamation of Amihan that at the moment of her death, Danaya will become Queen of Lireo instead of Lira. She sealed the scroll with the Earth Gem when asked by Alena what the scroll contained, telling her that she will be able to read Amihan's will when the time is right.

Ascension to the Throne

Cassiopea instructed to Danaya to reveal the contents of Amihan's last will to the general populace which proclaimed her as the new Hara of Lireo - much to the heartbreak of Aquil. Danaya was crowned by Cassiopea to become the sixth Hara of Lireo.

Upon being Hara, Danaya crowned Rehav Ybrahim of Sapiro to become its next Rama, succeeding the former Rama Armeo of Sapiro. In preparation for Ether's revenge, she strengthened the military of Lireo and improved socio-economic ties with Sapiro and Hathoria.

Return of Etheria

After many years, Hara Danaya of Lireo proclaimed her hadias, Diwani Lira of Lireo and Diwani Mira of Hathoria, as new Sang'gres who will assist the Konseho ng Encantadia in protecting the Mother Gem. All of Lireo celebrated the event but she noticed that Cassiopea was absent in the fesitivities. Because of this, she and her remaining sisters decided to investigate and track down Cassiopea. They were able to find Cassiopea but are not aware she was possessed by a resurrected Avria. Avria was able to see that Danaya is still afraid and pretending to be brave as a leader since this is required as Hara of Lireo.

Aquil reported that he saw a new kingdom on the farthest north of Encantadia causing Danaya and Pirena to go in the said region to be more aware about the new territory. "Cassiopea" presented herself to Danaya, Pirena, and Aquil where she told them that she built this citadel as part of her process to become a Bathaluman. After the predicament, Danaya was able to persuade Aquil to stay and never leave Lireo.

Pirena was able to unmask that Cassiopea was a fake after the latter requested the Diwatas to surrender the Mother Gem to her. Because of this Danaya tasked Muros to prepare the military of Encantadia for another possible conflict.

When Avria attempted to steal the remaining gems, Danaya felt the Earth Gem being stolen. She, together with her allies, attempted to enter the Kamara but was prevented by invading Etherians. After killing the invading Etherians, they entered the Kamara and thought Cassiopea was stealing the gems from Lirean care. Muros arrested Cassiopea, in the name of Hara Danaya of Lireo.

Danaya banished Aquil after finding out from Rama Ybrahim about Aquil's father, Amarro. Pirena proposed that before Avria's full resurrection, they should proceed to Etheria and destroy the sarcophagus where her remains are found; Danaya dueled LilaSari but was almost lost if not for the Earth Gem's power.

Imaw reported to Danaya the quest of Cassiopea to find new gem masters which she was initially skeptic with. But after her confrontation with a newly regenerated Avria who attempted to claim the Earth Gem from her, she supported the decision of Cassiopea and Imaw to look for new gem masters in case something bad happens to her, Hara Pirena, and Sang'gre Alena.

She personally welcomed Paopao, Ariana, and Deshna in the Lirean palace after being publicly acknowledged as one of the chosen gem masters. Upon completion of the gem masters, Danaya agreed with proposal of Hara Pirena of Hathoria to recognize Etheria diplomatically to prevent possible conflicts that might hinder the training of the new keepers. Danaya was pleased that Avria accepted the truce and prepared a feast in honor of Etheria. But after finding out the poison incident, she assured Avria that Lireo has nothing to do with the assassination attempt against the leaders of Encantadia, she ordered an investigation.

While sleeping, she dreamt a bad omen which Cassiopea affirmed as a warning from Emre. She gave a send-off to the new gem keepers reminding them to be responsible, remember and respect Emre's decrees, and remember Encantadia. She prayed that upon their return, peace still remains in Encantadia.

Danaya went outside the palace in order to meet "Aquil." However, Avria subtly revealed herself and commanded Danaya to sleep and conducted body-switch. Ether brought Danaya in Etheria. In the Royal Palace, Ether revealed to the incarcerated Danaya that Avria is already planning for the downfall of Lireo by pretending to be her. Danaya was horrified to see she is inside Avria's body. Later, Danaya remembered that she has a power to transform into any pashnea which she used to escape.

Asval saw "Avria" and asked what is the Queen of Etheria doing in her palace. Danaya attempted to act like Avria but Asval immediately saw the mistake.

Appearance outside Encantadia (2016)

Victor Magtanggol

A human named 'Aya' cosplayed as Danaya in Episode 41 of the series Victor Magtanggol. Aya is portrayed by the same actress, Sanya Lopez.[6][7]




Danaya using geokinesis

Encantadia Sangg're Danaya's warrior transformation

Encantadia Sangg're Danaya's warrior transformation

As a Sang'gre, Danaya has the ivictus ability (teleportation/invisibility). This ability has some limitations.

Danaya acquired the power to manipulate earth by virtue of the Earth Gem, enabling her to create earthquakes. The Earth Gem also grants Danaya healing powers, as well as the ability to communicate or transform into any animal she pleases. Danaya is also seen using the Earth Gem to detect danger through the eyes of animals that are in close proximity to that immediate danger.

In the final days of the war, Danaya received the Air Gem from Amihan, who magically willed the gem in her possession once she died, thus giving Danaya aerokinetic abilities. Danaya also received the Soul Gem from Hagorn, allowing her access to its powers as well.

Other skills

Danaya is well-versed in medicinal herbs, used to treat wounds and illnesses.


Danaya's main weapons are two kali sticks, called the Balangis, which can be conjoined to form a single staff. Despite her weapon of preference, Danaya is considerably proficient with the sword.



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  • Danaya's name is a play on the Roman goddess Diana, who is associated with plants and wildlife.
  • Danaya gets annoyed with the hard-headedness of Lira despite the fact that her niece seem to adopt this trait from her.
  • Despite Hara Danaya's long reign (roughly 18 years), unlike the early reigns of Hara Minea and Hara Amihan, it seems she did not have any children implying her choice for successor to the Diwata throne is either Sang'gre Lira, daughter of the former Hara Amihan of Lireo and Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro, or Sang'gre Mira, daughter of Hara Pirena of Hathoria. This was also echoed by Sang'gre Alena when she mentioned that Lira and Mira are the future leaders of Encantadia[8].
  • It is possible that the Earth Gem chose Lira to become its new master is due to Danaya having an almost similar personality to Lira.
  • Danaya is being mentioned in Mulawin vs. Ravena when Lira claims that her ashti should be present to heal Malik in just "one touch". Lira indirectly refers to an afternoon soap Haplos, which stars Danaya's actress Sanya Lopez as its main protagonist.

Version differences

  • DanayaMulawin

    Danaya in Mulawin: The Movie.


    Danaya in Encantadia 2005-2006.

    Danaya was played by Diana Zubiri in 2005-2006 series. In Mulawin the Movie, she was portrayed by Valerie Concepcion, who would later portray Tuka in Mulawin vs. Ravena.
  • In the original series, Hara Danaya of Lireo's rival is Hara Avria of Etheria and Hera of Andal due both being queens of their respective kingdoms and having almost similar personalities. In this version, Danaya seemingly rivals with Hera Odessa of Aega.


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