A Dama refers to a palace servant. So far, all known damas are female. Damas serve in the palaces of Lireo, Sapiro and Hathoria. Each member of the royal family, at least two damas are assigned to him or her in order to cater to their needs and orders.

In Lireo, under the reign of Hara Minea, Ades was the chief of the damas before her death. Her authority to the damas includes chastising them from gossiping among themselves. As chief of the damas, Ades is also the personal handmaiden of the reigning Queen of Lireo.

Some of the Sang'gres have a personal dama which becomes their personal confidante, Gurna served as a dama for Pirena in Lireo and retained this position after the Hathor conquest.

Mayca and Kaizan served as damas of LilaSari.

Lira served as the dama of her mother (she was unrecognized due to Ether's curse), and then served as personal dama of Mira upon her insistence.

In New Etheria, the damas come from enslaved Nymfas hypnotized by Hara Avria of Etheria and Hera Andora of Sensa, until they're all voluntarily free from Avria's control.

Damas can be treated as spies by the kingdoms. The late Mashna-de Agane used this method in order to spy on the affairs of Lireo since most, if not all, damas are present in council meetings despite its strict confidentiality rule.

Since not all the Damas have experienced in fighting, there are few known damas who have gained experience in combat and fighting. Notable example is Ades, who can fend off against enemies (i.e. wrestling) when she fought Gurna. Another notable examples are Gurna, being a Hathor captain; Mayca and Kaizan, both being the prisoners of Carcero and eventually turned into Mashna-de and Hafte of the Sapiryan army respectively under Rama Ybrahim.

In Episode 172, it seems someone took over Ades's position as punong dama being the chief of all cooks, later known as Dahlia.


The Lirean damas are wearing blue and silver clothing during the reign of Hara Minea of Lireo and Hara Amihan of Lireo. Upon the Hathor occupation of Lireo, the damas who served under Hara Pirena of Hathoria wore black and red clothing representing their loyalty to Hathoria. Upon Hara Danaya of Lireo's reign, the damas wore darker blue and gold clothing.

The Sapiryan damas are wearing brown clothing representing the Earth - the element which the Kingdom of Sapiro is affiliated with.


  • It is observed that most damas are within the royal chambers and prone to hear the deliberations of each monarch with his/her council and allies.
  • In Mulawin 2004 series, there are Diwata damas of Encantadia who served the Ynang Reyna, namely the following:
    • Linang - dama of water Diwatas, wife of Habagat and mother of Mulagat
    • Florona - dama of earth Diwatas
    • Banayad - dama of air Diwatas
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