Carcero is an island prison located at the northeastern part of Encantadia. Being sent to Carcero is a punishment only imposed on criminal diwatas who had killed.[1] It existed as early as the reign of Cassiopea, the first queen of Lireo.

Carcero has its own symbol, a skull with hands holding two prison bars within a circle.

It had been thought that there is no escape from this place, as the island is surrounded by ferocious beasts, such as the bakunawas (sea serpents).

Only female prisoners in various ages have been shown so far. When Pirena visited the place,[2] she explicitly referred to it as the prison of the female diwatas, implying that there was a separate prison for males.

All the fugitives of Carcero, including Mayca and Kaizan, have finally pardoned and received the reparations after Queen Danaya and Alena, who were informed about the maltreatment of prisoners in Carcero, humbly kneel before them as a sign of apology. Thus, Mayca and her fellow prisoners vow that they will never turn bad again and they will become loyal soldiers to Rehav Ybrahim and Encantadia. [3]

Prison Guards



  • Adhara doesn't know this place existed.


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