Capade,[1] better known as the Island of Cassiopea, is an island located at the east[2] of Lireo.

It is the only known habitat of the munch'ka, a tiny species of argona that can be raised as pets.[3]


Cassiopea resided in this island after her abdication as Queen of Lireo. There, she guarded the Mother Gem on the pedestal from Devas until she was attacked by Adhara.

Cassiopea may have abandoned the island after partitioning the Mother Gem and distributing its parts to the four realms. She returned there sometime after, to rescue Sang'gre Amihan, but she arrived late.

Following the curse of Ether that Cassiopea would never be able to leave the forest again, it may be said that the island was completely abandoned.

Cassiopea returned to the island after her curse was lifted by Emre.[4] She used the pedestal from Devas to summon the Gem symbols, which would pinpoint the next generation of gem masters.[5]

After finding the chosen keepers, Cassiopea, together with Imaw, intended to use the island as their training ground for an indefinite period of time. She remarked that it is in this place where it will be determined whether the chosen keepers are truly deserving to become the new gem masters[6]


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