The Canon of Encantadia (2016) refers to the official story of the series. There are two types of acceptable sources — canon and semi-canon.


The canon refers exclusively to information that comes from the aired episodes of Encantadia. Having been aired, these information are incontrovertible, but in case of conflict, the later episode must prevail. In case of conflict when the information is based on the narration of characters only, the more credible character's story must prevail.


The semi-canon of Encantadia refers to information derived from the real-world authorities of Encantadia, and from the official accounts dedicated to the show. The three recognized authorities are:

  1. Direk Mark Reyes, Director
  2. Suzette Doctolero, Head Writer
  3. Noel Layon Flores, Lead Designer

Citing the three should be based on the following acceptable sources:

  1. Facebook comments or Instagram posts (Direk Mark Reyes and
  2. Tweets from Twitter accounts (e.g. Suzette Doctolero | @SuziDoctolero)
  3. (e.g.

Episode teasers also belong to the semi-canon, because until the point that they air, they are still subject to change.


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