The Earth Gem (in Tagalog: Brilyante ng Lupa) is one of the four elemental gems cleaved from the Mother Gem. It is golden-brown and has the shape of a rounded rectangle. The kingdom of Sapiro is the keeper of the Earth Gem.

It chose Sang'gre Lira of Lireo, Rehav of Sapiro, daughter of Hara Amihan of Lireo and Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro, to become its new master possibly due to her persistence and willpower and her dominant Sapiryan royal blood - being a descendant of Rama Armeo of Sapiro[1].


The keeper of the Earth Gem is granted earth-based powers such as summon rocks as projectiles and generate earthquakes.

Some powers of the Earth Gem:

  • Heal wounds[2]
  • Communicate with[3] or transform into any animal[4]
  • Perform incantations or blessings[5]
  • Create or seal fissures[6]
  • Make trees bear fruit[7]
  • Wrap around enemies with vines[8]
  • Summon and command flora and/or fauna to do gem's wielder's bidding[9]
  • Depict someone's likeness on rock[10]
  • Find medical herbs[11]
  • Show past memories of a person
    • through one of that person's belongings[12]
    • from imprints on the earth[13]
  • Manipulate landscapes, raising mountains and making trees grow very quickly[14]
  • Generate a giant quicksand[15]
  • Lock a treasure chest[16]
  • Sight-share: the ability to see through the eyes of any pashnea in Encantadia[17]
  • Show the path a person walked through[18]
  • Protect its keeper from mind-control, when activated[19]
  • Make plants and trees generate air[20]
  • Make a fake copy of itself[21]
  • Instant tunneling[22]

Some limits of the Earth Gem:

  • Cannot make the sand and sea tell the past[23]
  • Cannot command large flying creatures, such as dragons[24] or yesh'ra[25]
  • Cannot revive the dead[26]
  • Refusal to heal those who had attempted to commit suicide[27]
  • Cannot heal afflictions imposed by deities[28]


After Cassiopea divided the Mother Gem into four parts, she gave the Earth Gem to the Kingdom of Sapiro. The gem has blest the kingdom with vast mineral reserves and fertile farmlands. When the Kingdom of Sapiro fell, the gem was given by Prince Raquim to the Queen of Lireo.

To prevent the Hathors from easily succeeding in taking the three remaining gems in Lireo's care, Minea gave the Earth Gem to her last-born, Danaya.

After many years, Cassiopea sought the Pedestal to seek the new gem masters and the Earth Gem chose Sang'gre Lira of Lireo, Rehav of Sapiro, the granddaughter of the first Earth Gem keep, Rama Armeo of Sapiro.


Instead of green, the color of the Gem of Earth is golden brown, so it resembles the color of Autumn.


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