The Air Gem (in Tagalog: Brilyante ng Hangin) is one of the four elemental gems cleaved from the Mother Gem. It is sapphire-blue and has the shape of a lens. The kingdom of Lireo is the keeper of the Air Gem.

It chose Ariana, a Punjabwe-a, and sarkosi of the late Hara Amihan of Lireo, as its new master possibly due to her willingness to sacrifice her life for the common good and being the reincarnation of its former master[1].


The keeper of the Air Gem is granted air-based powers.

Some powers of the Air Gem:

  • Aerokinetic powers; unleash powerful gusts or jets of air[2]
  • Deprive enemies of breath[3][4]
  • See spirits still roaming in Encantadia[5]
  • Flight and levitation[6]
  • Sense impending danger by feeling through air currents and the vibrations in the air[7][8]
  • Summon and command birds to do the gem's wielder's bidding[9]
  • Make the keeper's presence felt over a distance[10]
  • Solid-like air:
    • Rope: pull an enemy[11] or an object[12]
    • Keys: open locks[13]
    • Shackles: prevent another keeper from using his gem[14]
  • Release fog[15]
  • Freezing[16]
  • Cleanses toxins out of a being's respiratory system.[13]
  • Check the presence of an enemy in Lireo[13]
  • Shred a tree to pieces[17]
  • Check if people are still breathing[18]
  • Extinguish fires[19]

Some limits of the Air Gem:

  • It cannot locate Encantados directly,[20] but could send birds to do this


After Cassiopea divided the Mother Gem into four parts, she kept the Air Gem for her race, the Diwata, to keep. Since then, the gem has been passed on to every Queen of Lireo. The Air Gem has helped the kingdom harness wind power.

The outgoing queen of Lireo, Minea, passed on the gem to her successor, Sang'gre Amihan.

Amihan passed on the Air Gem to her chosen successor, Danaya. It was temporarily held by Rama Ybrahim in order to assist Hara Danaya and Hara Pirena in determining whether Cassiopea speaks the truth[21].

Cassiopea asked the Pedestal to determine who will be the Air Gem's next master, and the Air Gem symbol chose a Punjabwe, Ariana, who is also the chosen sarkosi of Hara Amihan of Lireo.

Version differences

  • In the original series, the Air Gem is the only gem which was never held by anyone aside Amihan. Asval briefly wielded it but it was just Amihan's trap in order to weaken him.
  • In the 2005 version, Amihan(before the gem was given to her), Lira and Cassandra all possess the power of the wind despite not holding the wind gem . The difference is the natural elemental power of wind is boosted when the gem is given to someone with the natural born power of wind(as the case for Amihan).
  • In the 2016 version, Amihan has no elemental abilities without the gem in her hands


Known keepers

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