A Brilyante (literally diamond, but anglicized here as gem), typically refers to an elemental gem —

— which originally formed into one gem, the Inang Brilyante (Mother Gem).

It was later revealed that a fifth gem, the Brilyante ng Diwa (Soul Gem) exists.

The brilyantes control aspects of nature and grant their keepers related powers and abilities. Due to their vast powers, whosoever holds the most number of gems is the most powerful being in Encantadia.

Gem Keeper

A person who possesses a gem is called Keeper (in Tagalog: Tagapangalaga). Keepers can utilize the power of their gems. Cassiopea was the first keeper of all the gems, but she distributed it among the leaders of the four races.

The gems could be magically hidden, and their keepers could still make use of its powers without bringing them out. However, it must, at the very least, be possible for the keeper to open his hand, because the gem's powers would otherwise be suppressed.[1] If the hands are sealed, the keeper may still bring it out, but only for the purpose of transferring it to somebody else.[2]

When the keeper uses the gems or transfers it to another keeper, the keeper's eyes glow with the gem's power.

It is also possible for the keeper to ask the gem to depart from his keeping without transferring it to somebody else,[3] and then ask it to return.[4]

It is possible for a gem keeper who happens to be a Sang'gre to retain some of the gem's abilities,[5][6] which could then be used even if she no longer has the gem in her possession.

Being the original keeper of the Brilyante, Cassiopea may ask for their guidance to determine who will be their chosen keepers.

Gem Partition

Gems can be partitioned by extremely powerful swords, such as the Kabilan and gem-enhanced Avatar. If a gem and its shard is possessed by two different persons, the one in possession of the greater portion has authority over the gem.[7]

Gem Master

A gem master (in Tagalog: Panginoon) is a person chosen by the gem itself to be its keeper.[8] Thus, while anyone could become a gem keeper by receiving it from another, not everyone could be a gem master.

A gem master is more powerful than a gem keeper who merely received the gem from another keeper.[9]. Still, a gem master who is dispossessed of his gem would not be able to take it from the current keeper, because the gem is bound to obey the current keeper.

Actual Gem Masters

  • Fire Gem: Hara Pirena of Hathoria,[10] according to Asval[11]
  • Soul Gem: Paopao,[12] according to Cassiopea[13]

Nunong Imaw mentioned that Sang'gre Lira of Lireo and Sang'gre Mira of Hathoria are two candidates to become gem masters.[14]

New Gem Masters

They are also called the New Saviors (Mga Bagong Tagapagligtas)[15] or True Keepers (Tunay na Tagapangalaga).[16] Cassiopea invoked the powers of the Pedestal from Devas to summon the Five Gem symbols, in order to find five new gem masters. According to the order by which they were recognized by Imaw, they were:

  1. Soul Gem: Paopao from the human world, former master of the Soul Gem[17][18]
    • Possible reason behind the choice: Friendship between Paopao and the Soul Gem, purity of soul
  2. Air Gem: Ariana from Punjabwe tribe, sarkosi of Hara Amihan of Lireo[19][20]
    • Possible reason behind the choice: Amihan's Ivtre, willingness to sacrifice own life
  3. Fire Gem: Diwani Deshna of Hathoria, daughter of Rama Hagorn of Hathoria and Hara LilaSari of Lireo[21][22]
  4. Earth Gem: Sang'gre Lira of Lireo, Rehav of Sapiro, daughter of Hara Amihan of Lireo and Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro[23]
  5. Water Gem: Sang'gre Mira of Lireo, Diwani of Hathoria, daughter of Hara Pirena of Hathoria[23]
  6. Unknown Power: the lambana Muyak[26]
    • Muyak was chosen by a white wisp, instead of a gem symbol. However, the Air Gem symbol manifested on her upper arm.

Generally, the gems chose their new masters based on a specific quality that best represents them (see: Gem Symbols) and has immediate affinity to anything related to their former masters. However, one specific quality observed from the chosen masters is the lack of desire to attain power and willingness to forego such.[27]

Gem symbols

Gem symbols represent the spirit of the gems[28] and contain a portion of their respective gem's power. Cassiopea summoned them using the Pedestal from Devas and the energy from the Balintataw to find a new set of suitable gem keepers. A gem symbol would imprint itself on the right upper arm of its selected master. The imprinting causes some amount of pain for a short while.

The Gem symbol will return to Imaw's hand once its choice had been publicly recognized.[29]

The symbols can also feel whether their chosen guardians are in danger of being harmed or assassinated by enemy forces[22]. Said symbols can also feel looming threats against Lireo[30] or in any location where their chosen masters reside or temporarily stay.

The Gem symbol can unexpectedly chooses to imprint on any creature without being recognized yet to Imaw, such as Muyak, a lambana who is unexpectedly being imprinted by the symbol of the Air Gem.[31]

Common abilities

Mere possession of the gems will not protect its keeper; the keeper must invoke its powers to resist the effects of other abilities, such as:

  • LilaSari's petrification ability[32]
  • Pirena's melting ability[33]
  • Andora's mind control ability[34]

A Gem Keeper may summon the respective Kambal-Diwa in his/her gem, to do his bidding. It can also grant temporary power to anyone it wishes[9].

Gem Transfer

A keeper can transfer the possession of the gem to another person. So far, all known transfers from one keeper to another is voluntary, even though some do it reluctantly. Because of this, those who are keen on collecting the gems will refuse to kill a keeper, because the gem will be lost.

In Episode 79, Danaya obtained the Soul Gem from Ybarro by snatching it from his hand. However, it must be noted that Ybarro intended to give it away at that point.

So far, only keepers have the resolve to attempt to coerce other keepers to give up their gems. A common modus operandi is to capture the keeper and threaten his life. Most keepers will not give in to this threat, and the aggressor will not actually kill him, because the gem could be lost. The aggressor would then threaten the lives of the captive keeper's loved ones;[35] this is more effective if the loved one is actually captured. This method becomes ineffective if the aggressor has a reputation for goodness, because the threat becomes less credible.[36]

Gems can also be bequeathed in advance.[37]

If a gem was not voluntarily transferred, its last keeper will feel its loss. If a gem is free, it could be retaken within a short distance.[38]

Gem masters, having been recognized by the gems themselves, could contest the possession of gems when they are visible and nearby.[39][40]

The gems can be asked to reject anyone except its rightful master. This was shown when Avria attempted to steal the Air Gem again in the guise of Danaya. She was rebuffed by the gem because Danaya and Pirena, through the Fire and Earth Gem, requested the Air Gem to rebuff anyone trying to possess it except its chosen master.

Gem Usage by Non-Keepers

A keeper may allow another person to use his or her gem in his name, without transferring possession.[41]

  • Andora was allowed to use the Soul Gem in Ether's name.

Also, a gem may grant some of its powers to a person temporarily, without choosing him or her as keeper.[42]

  • Muros was granted temporary powers from the Air Gem.

Gem Trial

A Gem keeper may use a gem to impose punishment on a person who fits certain conditions. Pirena, Danaya and Ybrahim tried Cassiopea using the Fire, Earth and Air Gems. Pirena ordered them to extinguish Cassiopea's life if she lied when she said she did not attempt to steal the gems. The gems surrounded Cassiopea but did not harm her, before returning to their keepers.[43]


Gems could be stored in rooms, where they will float on their own. It has been demonstrated that the gems are sentient:

  • If left on their own, the gems could choose their own master.[44][45] A gem master is more powerful if the gem chooses him or her, compared to a keeper who merely received it from another keeper.[14]
  • On suicide
    • A gem will not aid its keeper in the commission of suicide.[46]
    • A gem would refuse to help those who had attempted to commit suicide.[47]
  • It has the power to discern whether anyone speaks the truth[43].

Presence indicator

The arrival of a keeper (using ivictus) can be detected, according to Hagorn:


It is possible for a gem to grant a blessing to another person.[49] Pirena stated that she could still bless Kahlil if it is true that he had just been born recently.[48] However, she had been able to bless Alena and Hitano in the human world with the Fire Gem.[50] Possibly, the youth of the grantee is necessary only to make the blessing permanent.

Simultaneous usage

When used simultaneously, gems could have powerful effects

  • Fire + Earth + Water + Air = used by Minea to impose two curses on the Hathors and to destroy their palace
  • Fire + Soul = used by Hagorn to project lightning, destroying the weapons of LilaSari's group and making them kneel to him[51]
  • Water + Soul + Fire = used by Hagorn to create an anti-ivictus field around Lireo, to prevent the Sang'gres from teleporting inside[52]
  • Water + Earth = used by Alena and Danaya to destroy the Palace of New Etheria
  • Air + Soul = used by Hagorn to cloak his new camp from being detected.
  • Air + Soul = used by Hagorn to break the barrier protecting Sapiro


  • Water + Earth = Danaya and LilaSari used their gems together and fused into one entity - Danaya-Sari, with LilaSari's physical form but with Danaya's armor.
    • Note that the form is that of a Water Gem keeper, and the armor is that granted by the Earth Gem.[53]
  • Water + Fire + Earth. Alena, Pirena and Danaya used their gems to fuse themselves into one entity. The phyical appearance was initially Pirena, but could also switch to Alena and Danaya.[54]

History of Keepers

Emre bestowed the Mother Gem to Cassiopea, founding queen of Lireo, who divided it into four to keep anyone from becoming too powerful.

First Division of Gems

Water Earth Air Fire Soul Keeper with
the most gems
Gems History Episode
Cassiopea Cassiopea Cassiopea Cassiopea - Cassiopea 4 Division of the gems 1
Imaw Cassiopea Cassiopea Cassiopea - Cassiopea 3 Imaw receives Water Gem 1
Imaw Armeo Cassiopea Cassiopea - Cassiopea 2 Armeo receives Earth Gem 1
Imaw Armeo Minea Cassiopea - - 1 Minea receives Air Gem 1
Imaw Armeo Minea Arvak - - 1 Arvak receives Fire Gem 1
Arvak Armeo Minea Arvak - Arvak 2 Arvak takes Water Gem 1
Raquim Armeo Minea Raquim - Raquim 2 Raquim acquires Water and Fire Gem 2
Raquim Raquim Minea Raquim - Raquim 3 Raquim receives Earth Gem 2
Minea Minea Minea Minea - Minea 4 Minea receives Fire, Water and Earth Gem 3
Minea Minea Minea Pirena - Minea 3 Pirena takes Fire Gem 11
Minea Minea Minea Hagorn - Minea 3 Hagorn receives Fire Gem 11
Minea Danaya Minea Hagorn - Minea 2 Danaya receives Earth Gem 11
Alena Danaya Minea Hagorn - - 1 Alena receives Water Gem 11
Alena Danaya Amihan Hagorn - - 1 Amihan receives Air Gem 11
Alena Danaya Amihan Pirena - - 1 Hagorn gives back Fire Gem to Pirena 12
Alena Danaya Amihan Amihan - Amihan 2 Pirena surrenders Fire Gem to Amihan 17
Alena Danaya Amihan Pirena - - 1 Amihan returns Fire Gem to Pirena 25
Alena Danaya Amihan Pirena Paopao - 1 Paopao acquires the Soul Gem 45
Pirena Danaya Amihan Pirena Paopao Pirena 2 Pirena tricks Alena to acquire the Water Gem 31
Pirena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Paopao - 1 Pirena lends the Fire Gem to Hagorn to let him recruit forces for the War 43
Pirena Danaya Amihan Pirena Paopao Pirena 2 Pirena uses the Fire Gem in battle with Amihan 44
Pirena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Paopao - 1 Hagorn borrows the Fire Gem again to hunt down Amihan 49
Pirena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Ybarro - 1 Ybarro borrows the Soul Gem to ransom Kahlil 79
Pirena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Danaya Danaya 2 Danaya snatches the Soul Gem from Ybarro 79
Pirena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Paopao - 1 Danaya restores the Soul Gem to Paopao 79
Pirena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Hagorn Hagorn 2 Paopao surrenders the Soul Gem to Hagorn 80
Hagorn Danaya Amihan Hagorn Hagorn Hagorn 3 Pirena surrenders the Water Gem to Hagorn 82
LilaSari Danaya Amihan Hagorn Hagorn Hagorn 2 Hagorn surrenders the Water Gem to LilaSari 101
Amihan Danaya Amihan Hagorn Hagorn Hagorn
2 LilaSari gives the Water Gem to Amihan 109
Alena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Hagorn Hagorn 2 Amihan gives the Water Gem to Alena 109
Pirena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Hagorn Hagorn 2 Alena surrenders the Water Gem to Pirena 111
Alena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Hagorn Hagorn 2 Pirena returns the Water Gem to Alena 136
Alena Danaya Danaya Hagorn Hagorn Hagorn
2 The Air Gem goes to Danaya, as instructed by Amihan beforehand 139
Alena Danaya Amihan Hagorn Hagorn Hagorn 2 Danaya passed the Air Gem to Amihan 144
Alena Danaya Amihan Pirena Hagorn - 1 Hagorn gave the Fire Gem to Pirena 144
Alena Danaya Amihan Pirena Danaya Danaya 2 Hagorn gave the Soul Gem to Danaya 144
Alena Danaya Danaya Pirena Danaya Danaya 3 Amihan returned the Air Gem to Danaya 144
Cassiopea Cassiopea Cassiopea Cassiopea Cassiopea Cassiopea 5 Cassiopea reconstituted the Mother Gem 148
Merged into one

Second Division of Gems

Water Earth Air Fire Soul Keeper with
the most gems
Gems History Episode
Pirena, Alena and Danaya divide the Gems
Alena - - - - - 1 Alena takes the Water Gem 151
Alena Danaya - - - - 1 Danaya takes Earth Gem 151
Alena Danaya - Pirena - - 1 Pirena takes Fire Gem 151
Alena - - - - Alena 1 The Fire and Earth Gems were returned to the Gem Room 155
Alena - Avria - - - 1 Avria takes the Air Gem 155
Alena Avria Avria - - Avria 2 Avria takes the Earth Gem 156
Alena Cassiopea Cassiopea - - Cassiopea 2 Cassiopea wrests the two gems away from Avria 156
Alena Cassiopea Cassiopea - Avria Cassiopea 2 Avria takes the Soul Gem 156
Alena - - - Avria - 1 The Air and Earth Gems were returned to the Gem Room 156
Alena Danaya - - Avria - 1 Danaya takes the Earth Gem 156
Alena Danaya - Pirena Avria - 1 Pirena takes the Fire Gem 156
Alena Danaya - Pirena Ether - 1 Avria gives the Soul Gem to Ether 156
Alena Danaya Ybrahim Pirena Ether - 1 Ybrahim was allowed to wield the Air Gem temporarily 157
Alena Danaya - Pirena Ether - 1 Air Gem back at the Gem Room 163
Alena Danaya - Pirena Avria - 1 Soul Gem in Avria's possession 171
Alena Danaya - Pirena Danaya Danaya 2 Avria returns the Soul Gem to Danaya 171
Alena - - Pirena - - 1 Danaya had returned the Soul and Earth Gem to the Gem Room 176
Alena - - Pirena Avria - 1 Avria takes the Soul Gem from the Gem Room 178
Alena Avria Avria Pirena Avria Avria 3 Avria takes the Earth and Air Gem from the Gem Room 179
Alena Cassiopea Avria Pirena Avria Avria 2 Cassiopea takes the Earth Gem from Avria 188
Alena Danaya Avria Pirena Avria Avria 2 Cassiopea gives the Earth Gem to Danaya 188
Alena Danaya Hagorn Pirena Hagorn Hagorn 2 Avria gives the Air and Soul Gems to Hagorn 196
Alena Alena Hagorn Pirena Hagorn Hagorn
2 Danaya lends the Earth Gem to Alena 213
Alena Danaya Hagorn Pirena Hagorn Hagorn 2 Earth Gem back in Danaya's possession 216
Alena Danaya Ariana Pirena Ariana Ariana 2 Amihan in Ariana's body orders the Air and Soul Gems to recognize her as their true Keeper 218
Alena Danaya Ybrahim Pirena Ybrahim Ybrahim 2 Ariana gives the Soul and Air Gems to Ybrahim. 218


  • New keepers in color
  • Paopao's actual acquisition of the Soul Gem cannot yet be dated, but per Episode 80, it is at most after May 10, 2015.[55]

Gem stats

Gem Keepers
by Race
Water 4 10 13
Earth 2 5 5
Air 2 4 6
Fire 3 7 13
Soul 4 5 6


Emre's purple gem

Emre's purple gem.

  • It is possible that a sixth brilyante exists. Emre showed Lira a purple gem in Devas, offering its powers to her.[56]
  • The sixth gem's primary difference with the other five elemental gems is it did not come from the Mother Gem. It is possible that this gem is as powerful as that of the Mother Gem. Close observation to its circle shows the Devas Circle of Spirituality - a circle closely affiliated with Emre surmising its awesome power.
  • It is implied that all the Brilyantes, which are not in the hands of their current guardians, still answer to Cassiopea being the first Encantada to keep the Mother Gem.
  • Rama Ybrahim was temporarily chosen by the Air Gem as its keeper while Cassiopea is searching for its new master.
  • Ariana is the first chosen gem keeper to acquire Air and Soul Gems prior to her death.

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