The Stream of Truth[1] (in Tagalog: Batis ng Katotohanan) is a mystical body of water that reveals the truth and the past of any Encantado. It has similar powers as the Balintataw. Mermaids reside in the stream, and sparkling bubbles rise from it.

According to Cassiopea, water from the Stream cannot lie. She uses such water in her cauldron, to help her see the future.[2]

Emre stated that Bathalumang Haliya sometimes visits the stream in order to bathe.

Buwaya is one known resident in the Stream.


Amarro told LilaSari that they must go to the Batis ng Katotohanan so she could learn her true past about her lost daughter Deshna. They went to the Batis, and she regained her lost memories.


  • It is unknown if the water of the Stream is naturally pure, or if it becomes pure because Bathalumang Haliya bathes in it.


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