Barbaro is a race of Encantados who live in Ascano. According to Wantuk, the barbaros and the gigantes, the other inhabitants of Ascano, do not mingle with other Encantados.

In olden times, they were affiliated with the Kingdom of Sapiro. But when Sapiro fell, they became an independent group. Wantuk considers them as a bad sort people who respect no one, and would not think twice about killing them if they see them.[1]

According to Wantuk, barbaro wine has no equal in Encantadia; one drop could intoxicate the greatest soldier of Sapiro. But Danaya was seen to have drunk several cups.[2]

The barbaros and gigantes are considered heretics. It is said that they do not have a place in Devas.[3]

They recognize no Rama or Hara since they consider themselves as an independent tribe from the existing monarchies of Encantadia[4].

Some of the Barbaros are being abducted by LilaSari in order for them to be converted into Etherians by Avria. Leaving Wahid as the remaining Barbaro behind as he hides himself from LilaSari.

Upon Wahid's death, the barbaros are considered as leaderless causing them to be neutral to the new conflict between Lireo and Hagorn. They sold weapons to the Etherians because nothing can be done[5].

Version differences

  • In the original series, the Barbaros have participated in the Hathor War. Their leader Wahid became the Mashna of the Sapiryan army under the rule of Rama Ybrahim of Sapiro. Some of the Barbaros have become Sapiryan soldiers.


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