Banoy is the leader of Tres Aves, the mercenary trio of renegade Mulawins.

Banoy is one of the supporting characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena.




Banoy is the leader of the Tres Aves. He had challenged Aguiluz into an air fight, which resulted for Aguiluz to fall down when the sun rose up causing him to lose his wings. Eventually, he gained respect to him.

Banoy had joined forces with Aguiluz, alongside Ybarro and the Lirean soldiers, against the Ravenas. The Tres Aves successfully defeated the resurrected Buwarka.

Years later, Banoy had recruited Kalaw to become the trainee for Tres Aves. In Avila, Banoy had imprisoned by King Daragit after he was being betrayed by the latter. Fortunately when Gabriel and Almiro battled Daragit's forces, Banoy eventually battled the Ravenas before he escaped back to his camp at Mount Latukan.

Upon the arrival of Almiro and his group, alongside Pirena and Lira, Banoy tasked them to finish all four challenges in order to get the Ruwido, a powerful weapon that can beat the Minokawa.



Other Skills

Banoy has incredible strength.



  • Banoy was originally played by Paolo Contis in Mulawin the Movie.

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