Balintataw, (literally Pupil [of the Eye]), refers to the power of clairvoyance in the series Encantadia.[1]

Apart from the deities such as Emre and Ether, only Cassiopea and Avria were shown to have Balintataw as an innate ability.

Staff of Imaw

The staff of Imaw is also called Balintataw, or the Staff of Adamya (in Tagalog: Tungkod ng Adamya)[2] or Tungkod ng Katotohanan (literally, Staff of Truth)[3]. It has the ability to show the past by communicating with nature.[4] Imaw really missed this staff after it was lost.

It has been shown that it could be used to view events over vast distances.[5][6] But during its introduction, Imaw said that he must be within the vicinity of where the event he wanted to see took place.[4] It is possible that this condition applies only if the target is already dead.[7]

The staff could also emit energy blasts.[8]

Due to the protection provided by the Bathalumang Ether in Etheria, the Staff of Imaw is unable to see any event that transpired in the kingdom.

The Balintataw could also be used to send messages[9] and induce dreams.[10]


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