Anya Manalastas (later Queen Consort Anya of Avila) is a Tabon (half-Mulawin, half-human) and a daughter of Mulawin warrior, Aviona, and Rodrigo, a human. She is Almiro's love interest.

Anya is one of the main characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena.


Anya first appeared in Mulawin vs. Ravena as a young girl who loves her parents, Aviona and Rodrigo until Daragit became the next king of Avila, she both lost her parents.


Anya has a feisty personality but easily discouraged when pressure gets on her. After Panabon encouraged her during her Sipakbul training, Anya vowed to become a better Mulawin in the service of Avila.

Being a tabon, Anya experienced discrimination from pureblood Mulawins under Daragit's reign. She, however, decides to keep fighting and prove herself through skill and to be recognized by all of Avila.

She is in-love with Almiro, her childhood friend, and easily gets jealous to Lawiswis when she noticed her being approached and defended by Almiro. This causes her to be really mean and hot-headed.


Anya is the daughter of Aviona, a Mulawin warrior, and Rodrigo Manalastas, a forrest ranger. Anya is also a friend to Pagaspas and Lawiswis and is always teased by some of her fellow Mulawins as "Tabon". She lost her mother when the Avila was about to be closed by godess Sandawa.

Seven years later, Anya became one of the friends of Pagaspas, Libero, and Malik. They have a race until the edge of Avila, which were closed by Sandawa.

Anya and her group meets Almiro and they fight off Antonio's group in order to rescue Lola Elo and Aramis. Anya participates in the liberation of Avila from Daragit's tyrannical reign, with the help of Almiro and Gabriel.

Since the arrival of Pirena and Lira in Avila, Lira teases Anya about Almiro.

After the battle of Minokawa, Anya is able to finally acknowledge that Lola Elo is her grandmother due to the picture of Rodrigo, Anya's father, as both embraced each other.



Flight is the common ability of the Mulawins.

Other Skills

Anya is skilled in sword fighting and unarmed combat.


Anya has inherited the sword from her mother Aviona. She becomes the wielder of the duplicate of Ruwido after she used the original Ruwido to stab the Minokawa.


Anya is the daughter of Rodrigo Manalastas and Aviona. Her paternal grandmother is Consuelo "Elo" Manalastas.


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